As a small business owner you surely spend your time serving your customers and closing the new deals and at the end of the day you definitely pour over the emails sent by your team members and try your best to provide a direction, follow the threads and put out the fires. However you can now grow your business remotely with the help of 7 low cost tools which would help you manage your remote staff and keep your business under control so that you can relax in the evenings. You can always make use of a wide range of cloud based technologies to run your infrastructure so as to take care of the requirements of your remote staff and clients accurately.

The Asana is a cloud platform just like Basecamp which would enable all your staff to log in regardless of their location, provided they have a wifi connection. Asana would be providing you with a broad view of all the projects currently undertaken by your company and its dashboard is composed of 3 panels so that you get all the necessary data for a given project. By just clicking on a particular project you can get into details about the tasks which are associated with them. Just on the right hand side of the dashboard you would be able to see the name of the person to whom a particular task has been assigned and its due date. You can also attach files from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive to any particular task. Before the arrival of asana most entrepreneurs were heavily dependent on emails for project management. By making use of this platform your team would be able to do away with miscommunication and redundancy and enhance the volume and velocity of your output.

One other popular cloud based software for accounting is the Freshbooks which would allow the entrepreneur to use his company’s databases, contacts and products so as to create estimate forms and custom invoices. One can also send the invoice forms to their customers through snail mails or emails. One important feature of FreshBooks is time tracking which would help you in keeping track of every billable minute which is spent on a customer’s project. The expense tracking feature of FreshBooks would help you get rid of the stack of receipt and one can just click a snap of the receipt and log it within the system. It is ideal for remote management of your staff since you can provide them access to info relating to different projects so that they understand the matter properly.

Google Hangout or Skype can be an ideal tool for remote team meeting. The ability to call both landlines and mobile phones from Skype can be a huge cost saver for your company. Moreover you can also use it for sending files, holding face to face calls, group meetings and even interview and hire new staff. Most corporate houses conduct an initial meeting through skype video call before the actual interview.  You can always rely on this software to maintain your contacts whenever you are out of station.

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