They are the ones who have played with it and enjoyed the game as well. Their planning and determination has given them their position. They are the God fathers of the Investment world as they have managed their investment in the best way. They have played with the stock market and has turned out to be the top rankers in the count. Here is a list of top ten among them, the investment managers who have shown the world their power of investment planning.

  1. Warren Buffett:

The name that comes first. He is known as the oracle of Omaha and the greatest investor the world has ever known about. He is known for his incredible sense of stock pick.

  1. Edward Johnson III:

He is known for the fidelity business his father had started. The discount brokerage market, we have today if an invention of his.

  1. Carl Icahn:

The owner of Icahn Enterprises. He holds his business in a huge number of companies as well even including Apple.

  1. August Von Finck

He took interest in real estate and industrial sector. For make a huge start he said of his ancestral company and turn out to be a successful investor.

  1. John C Bogle:

The founder and the retired CEO of the Vanguard Group. Apart from his planning he is known for his writings as well. His innovative ideas of index investing have benefited several people.

  1. Harold Simmons

The creator of LBOs. The concept was brought with him. He is a big player in investment sector. He created a huge stock store by himself and even showed a new technique of purchasing companies.

  1. Michael Steinhardt

He is the American hedge fund manager and known for his management skills in investing.

  1. Mikhail Prokhorov

At a very early age Prokhorov made a lot of money in this sector. Being the chairman for Russia’s top producers of nickel and palladium, and gold.

  1. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud
    Besides being the owner of the Kingdom Holding Company, he is also known to be the most influential Arab. He invests in several sectors.
  1. Suleiman Kerimov

He has an inspiring story of success. Though started as an accountant, he took a leap into banking. He planned his extra income into investment and thus turned himself into a billionare.

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