They are the ones who have played with it and enjoyed the game as well. Their planning and determination has given them their position. They are the God fathers of the Investment world as they have managed their investment in the best way. They have played with the stock market and has turned out to be the top rankers in the count. Here is a list of top ten among them, the investment managers who have shown the world their power of investment planning.

  1. Warren Buffett:

The name that comes first. He is known as the oracle of Omaha and the greatest investor the world has ever known about. He is known for his incredible sense of stock pick.

  1. Edward Johnson III:

He is known for the fidelity business his father had started. The discount brokerage market, we have today if an invention of his.

  1. Carl Icahn:

The owner of Icahn Enterprises. He holds his business in a huge number of companies as well even including Apple.

  1. August Von Finck

He took interest in real estate and industrial sector. For make a huge start he said of his ancestral company and turn out to be a successful investor.

  1. John C Bogle:

The founder and the retired CEO of the Vanguard Group. Apart from his planning he is known for his writings as well. His innovative ideas of index investing have benefited several people.

  1. Harold Simmons

The creator of LBOs. The concept was brought with him. He is a big player in investment sector. He created a huge stock store by himself and even showed a new technique of purchasing companies.

  1. Michael Steinhardt

He is the American hedge fund manager and known for his management skills in investing.

  1. Mikhail Prokhorov

At a very early age Prokhorov made a lot of money in this sector. Being the chairman for Russia’s top producers of nickel and palladium, and gold.

  1. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud
    Besides being the owner of the Kingdom Holding Company, he is also known to be the most influential Arab. He invests in several sectors.
  1. Suleiman Kerimov

He has an inspiring story of success. Though started as an accountant, he took a leap into banking. He planned his extra income into investment and thus turned himself into a billionare.

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If you are trying your fortune in the stock industry, then these proven strategies can guide you well. Don’t worry, it’s not that tough, these simple rules can guide you in having luck at buying your stock. A proper planning can lead you to have a successful time with the stocks. Just follow these easy five methods while you start investing.

Wait for the right Time:

It is suggested to buy stocks when people are selling them and to sell them when people are buying. That’s the way you can get the stocks when they are cheap and sell them off at huge rates. This happens with some real well to do companies and with this game plan you may even stand to be a holder of some famous brands as well.

Follow the Dividend of a Company:

To study a company for investment, first check out if it gives the dividend regularly. Check their dividend sheet for a term of five years and if its regular you can be sure of its balance sheet. Such a company has the highest chances of quick rise. Hold on to such shares.

Study the growth trends of the company:

Wait! Don’t cling on only to the past records only. Do follow the records of its growing as well. If a company has records of growth trend go for it, even if it has a bad patch for a past time being. Remember you are investing for the future, so to follow the future trend is important. Anyway, keep away from picking up a defensive stock, they move very slowly.

Buy to Sell:

Always plan your sell. Remember, neither panic to sell it off too early nor be too greedy to hold it till market crash and waste your luck. Set a price target, according to your purchase and be happy with your plan. See, industry, stocks tend to move in defining lock steps. Keeping some of these in your portfolio can always be helpful.

Margin of Safety:

Check your stock’s margin of safety. Don’t buy a stock until you have studied and known the company well. Understand the business both side and focus on companies with wide economic area and discover its source. Refer to the company’s 52 weeks highs list, that you can easily get in newspapers.



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Opening an account with the US stock exchange is not difficult. You need to have your identification documents and the rest you may do online or with the brokerage firm. Consider your brokerage fees and after planning your stock you may start with your own account. Here you find the details in easy steps to get your account started.
Kick Start your US Stock Account today:
There are several stock exchanges in the US. Among them NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) is the most famous one. Boston Stock Exchange (BSE) and American Exchange (AMEX) are also well known. You can invest in most of the stock exchanges of US, but before that you need to get a good stock broker who is licensed to purchase security for you.
Documents are very essential, keep them on hand:
Your identification documents are needed. They generally ask for scanned copies of them. You will require providing a scanned copy of your passport or license. They will also ask for your financial details as employment details or income certificate.
Determine you can do it alone or need Professional support:
See, your investments need proper guidance to be fruitful. If you are good at it and can do it alone, then it’s good otherwise find out the brokerage firm that matches your planning of investment. Check their records and their membership with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Also check their commission and charges. Carefully understand all their terms before signing it.
You need to fund your US Stock Account:
Now you must have a budget for your investment. You can plan it in any range depending upon minimum transactions of the particular brokerage firm you have chosen. You may choose a cash account where you pay cash up front and buy stock, otherwise you may choose a margin account where you can borrow money from the brokerage firm and get your stock.Most firms will ask for payment by check or electronic bank transfer. You start your purchase once it’s granted.
US Stock Account and its connection with IRS Form & 1099 Form:
Since you are opening an account in US, Stock you must be aware of these two forms. The IRS refers to Internal Revenue Service. Brokerage company will take this form from you as it’s US legal tax collection service. Whereas 1099 form is one that you will get (if you are a citizen of US)from your broker at year end about the total profit and loss over the whole year.

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When we go buy groceries, we often skip over the magazine shelves. If you would take some time to look through the magazines even without buying it . Just glance through the titles you may be able to identify good stocks to invest in. For example, was taking a glance at magazine and stumble upon a magazine about star wars on the frontpage.

I immediately thought to myself. How can I connect star wars coming out with a great stock to buy?

Well, who developed the movie star wars?

Walt Disney Co

Check their stock out:

Walt Disney Co


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Do you know you could invest in things you see on a daily basis? I got into my bathroom this morning and was about to brush my teeth. I stared at the different names on the items I used and started to check out the companies that made them.

Of course, because we use these items.The companies that supply them make profit on everyone of them that we use.

Lets take for example:

Irish Spring ..

What company produces irish spring?

Colgate-Palmolive company

Check out colgate palmolive stock:

 Click the link : Colgate PalmOlive

And see how well they have done this week because of the snow in Maryland.



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I was at Walmart today and I saw a lot of shelves in the store empty. I said to myself, this companies stocks would do well today. IMG_2061I took a tour round Walmart.
I identified some of the products that had a clear shelve and wrote them down. If you want to be a good stock trader, especially day trader. You can trade on the situation and circumstance (snow) because it will definitely affect the stock market price in a positive way.

What do I mean by that? Based on the fact that people are expecting snow, they go and buy either their favorite groceries or necessary groceries that will get them through the weekend.It may not be groceries, but snow shovels and the likes.

You can take advantage of that opportunity and invest in products that cleared out due to the snow situation.

Some examples of this products include:

1. Shovel  2. Eggs 3. Bread 4. Water 5. Salt for roads 6. Gas (taking several trips around buying things you need during the snow).

Look for companies that sell this products on the market and you are good to go. For example,

Also, watch out for my introductory course on the stock market.

Learn to trade smart.


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No matter you are an entrepreneur searching for ways to enhance your business or are a risk-taker looking for a lucrative way to accumulate lots of money, the best way of accomplishing your very purpose is by growing your investment portfolio. Investing our hard earned money into securities, mutual funds, investment collective schemes and like things has certainly become a part and parcel of our lives but you need to understand that just buying and selling investments won’t make you a billionaire overnight. There are a number of strategies that can make an investor a clear winner in the investment and securities market and the most lucrative strategy is letting your investment portfolio grow.

The growth of investment portfolio is sometimes confused with growing dividends/interest on securities, however this concept entirely relates to capital appreciation of the bunch of investments one has in its kitty. The reason why one should always look for opportunities to grow one’s investment is because appreciation of the capital value of securities is likely to benefit its investors in more ways than just interest/dividend increase and lets you make great amount of money. There are a number of ways in which one can grow his/her investment portfolio, some of which are enlisted below for you reference:

  • Hold your investments

The best and the most uncomplicated way of growing one’s investment portfolio is by buying a bunch of varied securities and holding them up for a long period of time. Buying and holding growth investments and other stocks would certainly increase the chances of appreciation of one’s security values, thereby creating a good fortune for the investor.

  • Diversification

If you are on a hunt for the best and most profitable growth investments, there are ample of chances that you’ll encounter hundreds and thousands of such securities every now and then. However, the most intelligent decision would be not to get caught in the run for growth investments and stick to extreme care and caution. Minimizing risk and opening up new horizons via putting your money into different types of investments/securities/assets/stocks would certainly help in growing your investment portfolio. A well diversified investment portfolio is likely to minimize the risk of losing your initial investment apart from making it more profitable and growth oriented on the whole.

  • Sell when you have no other alternative

If making quick and easy money is your sole motive for investing into growth investments then, the concepts of easy selling and buying are meant for you. However, if you are aiming for growing your investment portfolio you definitely need to ease up on the selling part. In order to bear the sweet fruits of capital appreciation of investments, one must hold up the securities until and unless the very purpose of holding the same doesn’t vanish completely. Thus, one should opt for selling its investments only when they no longer hold any appreciable value at all.

There are several number of factors such as one’s ability of risk-taking, budget, holding preferences and even market knowledge and information that determine one’s investment portfolio growth prospective that have the potential of taking up an investor to new heights.

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The commercial world today has undergone a major shift. From most people wanting to have secure jobs, more and more people are now willing to take the risk of starting their own business. It goes without saying that such a trend has led to the establishment of numerous start up companies. It however remains a painful fact that many of the start up companies are not able to be as successful as may have been envisioned by the entrepreneurs. Even though each and every entrepreneur puts in his hundred percent into his business, some businesses turn out to be more successful than the others. Even if most people may attribute this to the luck factor, the truth is otherwise. A well planned strategy may have a much larger role to play in making a business successful than any other factor.

An efficient strategy which may help you to make the most out of a business opportunity begins at the idea generation. Before plunging into the aspects such as finance and marketing you first need to have an idea in hand. This idea will be at the heart of your business effort, around which all your business decisions will be based. Generating an idea which gives a justifiable definition to your business may be the first step which will ensure your business becomes a success in the future.

After you have gone through the process of idea generation next step is researching the existing work on the same idea. You may want to understand what all has already been done in the area you wish to work in. You need to find the gaps that exist between the customer requirement and the products and services available. Once this gap has been identified, you may then want to develop your products and services aimed at this gap. This way you will be able to ensure that once your product is ready there is no dearth of takes in the market. Once you have established all of the above, you will then need to identify what all tools you will need to get there. These tools will include everything from equipments to expertise. If you are in a manufacturing business you may want to list out manufacturing requirements that need to be fulfilled to take you to the product development and delivery. Similarly if you are in any other business then you will have to indentify the needs of the same. As a rule you may want to take care of all the business functions to ensure a full-fledged development of your business. Whether it is marketing, finance, production, operations, supply chain management or human resources everything needs to be dealt with to ensure a successful business for which you will have to develop a plan.

Last but not the least you must always seek the guidance of a mentor. You must find someone who has adequate knowledge and experience in the related field and seek their expertise. This will go a long in increasing your preparedness and helping your business reach the heights you dreamt of.

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Setting up a successful business could be tough since the obstacles you never dreamed about would start to crop up. With limited manpower and limited budget you would surely need a number of right tools so as to reach your business potential. 10 indispensible online tools are mentioned below which would help you to set up a successful business.

  1. Google Analytics – a new business is all about numbers and the easy to use services of Google Analytics would help you understand the traffic generated by your website, the countries where your site has been viewed, the key demographics of your target users and lots more.
  2. DropBox which is regarded as the saviour of the multi-taskers can be used for creating a virtual link between all your internet devices. By making use of its cloud saving capacity you can save your documents, videos and images into your DropBox account which can be accessed from anywhere. This would enable you to share your files easily with others and also allow you to properly organize all your files by creating personalized folders.
  3. Wix are ideal for less tech savvy entrepreneurs and its drag and drop templates can be used to customize your website. This can be a useful tool for app creators since it would enable them to mesh the personal apps into the Wix platform. With Wix the arduous task of building a website is a matter of convenience and one can create a Wix website absolutely free.
  4. Omnifocus is another platform which would help you maintain a balance between work and recreation. It would collect all your data, to do lists and even your thoughts and casual notes and then organize it into a more proactive form so that you can attain your goals in an organized manner. Moreover all you data will be synced to their cloud server for easy access.
  5. MailChimp with its clear instructions and easy to use templates would help you in creating email newsletters which can be distributed to your contact list. Even less tech savvy users can create a visually pleasant e blast which will grab the attention of your audience and entertain your clientele.
  6. With Skype maintaining a remote relationship is a convenient affair and its video capabilities would enable you to set up remote meetings with clients or group meetings.
  7. Go Daddy is a website server which would enable novice website creators choose from multiple templates along with social media widgets and easy image tools to create a website which is visually pleasing.
  8. Linked In would help you with an online directory of resumes thus allowing a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and a platform for sourcing and finding new careers.
  9. Slideshare would allow you to share presentations and digital slide shows all over the glove reaching more than 50 million monthly users. It is a fantastic platform to share and upload music, slideshows and videos so as to gain visibility.
  10. Jira which is a development process tool can help you create your new product, track the progress and get necessary feedback from outside so that you can improve your model.
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Ok you’ve thrown up because you’ve heard the dreaded word all youth football coaches hate fundraising. Unfortunately some of cheap jerseys us youth football Frederick Travis Jersey coaches are required to participate and sometimes even run fundraising projects. It’s probably the thing most of us detest the most about coaching youth football.

cheap jerseys

Actually factors NFL jerseys of a wide range available located on the market choose the authentic jerseys, replica jerseys, throwback jerseys, etc. But whether are generally at the game or watching at home with your friends, an extremely no Countess Blake Jersey better way to cheer against your team than by sporting an authentic jersey. An individual are a honest lover of NFL football, the shirts of your favorite team is in fact needed showing your support to everyone. Acquiring a real and genuine football jersey is really a fantastic technique to interest any kind of support. Also you can get customized jerseys with a message and your favorite wholesale nba jerseys team’s telephone number. There are also replica jerseys made of polyester and nylon, which makes the football jersey softer and much lighter to choose to wear.

cheap nfl jerseys

This youth football Wing T Offense also uses wider 2 foot breaks. Having these wide splits will spread the defense out, creating natural running wholesale mlb jerseys lanes around the. Also, the splits permit for easy blocking angles on the defense. Take advantage of the cheap nfl jerseys about this E book is that you were not only getting the wing t from under center, but you are received it out belonging to the shotgun and unbalanced configuration.

With McCoy going that isn’t third wholesale nfl jerseys pick of the contextlinks Mock draft he becomes your very first Oklahoma Sooner taken on draft daily schedule. The Sooners are loaded with talent and look for Detroit to again be looking to upgrade either side of the ball but now best player available.

Single game tickets started sale at the particular.m today with prices from to each. The first chance launch date to show their Panther pride is on opening weekend, once the Panthers host fellow NFC contender Philly.

Star/Sun Signs: Your Higher Purpose
Create Ones Custom Football Jerseys
How To Obtain Hockey Jerseys Cheap
College Football Week 7 – Picks Of The Poll

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